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Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia

has been with you for 22 years!

Welcome to the websites of Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia.

The activities of the agency were started on 22 January 1999 on a principle of partnership of individual regional subjects operating in the South Bohemia, aiming at support of economical, social and cultural development of the South Bohemian Region.

RERA plays an important part while preparation and implementation of projects supported from EU funds or the state budget of the Czech Republic and at the same time it is a regional centre for international cooperation. Gradually RERA established itself as a provider of specialized services for the state administration, self –government, entrepreneurs, schools and university sphere. Due to it the agency contributes to regional development through its methodical and technical assistance as well as through active participation in regional development activities which helps to the most effective implementation of individual projects.


A team of specialists is available at the agency. Their expertise has a broad range – acquiring subsidies, administration and management of projects, production of strategic plans and development concepts of international importance, elaboration of feasibility studies, rural area development conceptions, supporting conducting of businesses and living environment protection. The experience of the members of the team contributes to the fact that the agency is able to provide its services at a level of international standards.  It causes frequent agency involvement in international projects and in the projects of state-wide significance.

Through its services RERA orients towards result and quality which brings customer satisfaction.  We believe that you will get inspired by the accomplishments of the agency, appreciate numerous references and will make use of the agency services in order to meet your goal.

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